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Garden of geometries

Past month I finished a really nice project called ‘Electric Gardens’ with the trio ‘Electronic Hammer’:


One of the premises of the project was to design an interactive system that would react to the gestures of the performers, either as audio analysis or data coming from their computers/instruments. As a result I designed a system that would keep me occupied for a while as it presents a lot of possibilities.
I designed most of the piece thinking in ‘scenes’ hosted on a system that would allow fast and simple transitions. The image is a kind of ‘modular cinema’ where each one of the parts could have their own visual ‘world’ encapsulated.
In terms of technique, I designed most of the piece using glsl shaders and lots of java classes for deforming and handling the geometries. Many of the materials were sketched using code tools( basically Cinder) and then ported to jitter, which has a more ‘performing’ profile and has a range of friendly facilities for MIDI and audio analysis. Some of the shaders( those of light models) are ports of hlsl shaders.

specular sound

specular sound

specular sound

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