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Trying to speak French

I have a rather curious relationship with vvvv, DirectX and Windows: for me it is like studying French(my native language is Spanish), with all the ‘far away so close’ sensation on it. If you are a OSX-Unix user maybe you know what I mean!
So, I decided to make a nice partition in one of my computers and install Windows again(last time was one year ago!) with the only propose of learning how to make HLSL shaders and the play more with vvvv.
It is very funny to see how HLSL uses a rawer c-ish style, with the inclusion of some new types for expressing matrices and vectors(float4x4 and so). Besides that, the varying variables are managed quite differently altogether with the compilation of the shaders. The implementation of ‘techniques’ is something very smart and interesting.
The uniform declaration also changes a little bit. In GLSL you have something like:
uniform vec4 Color;
whereas HLSL would declare the same thing as:
float4 Color: COLOR

finally, I am not sure how much is the vvvv wrapper, but i find some close similarities inthe way jxs files are written in order to load shaders with jitter.

In the end the concepts are all the same, so I am enjoying the process of discovering the way those little phong shaders work with DirectX!

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