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How are we making ‘Apoptosis’?

I just posted some technical references about the way we are currently developing ‘Apoptosis’:

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Emergence of ‘Apoptosis’

Some snapshots of today’s work with Ofer Smilansky for the project ‘Apoptosis’. We are starting to feel very happy with the results. The depth of field really gives a drama to the material. The most rewarding part is everything is real time! Still, we need to optimize more the system and start adding the audio and performance interaction.

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Wormer songs

For the last months I have been working, step by step, on a project ‘Worm Songs’ for composer/sound artist Henry Vega. The project consist of a one hour long performance of songs for voice and live electronics. We are still nailing down lot of things for it, but now we have the first small teaser!
So far the interaction design is almost ready but there are many things to improve, in particular with the ‘make up’ of the images. Let’s make them shinny!
I love the music, very inspiring!

The address for Henry’s web page is:

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Apoptosis go deep

‘Apoptosis’ is the name of the project I am currently developing together with audiovisual artist Ofer Smilansky and musician Steindor Kristinsson. The idea is to create narrative interactive cinematic space where performers can play. The projections will be made with semi-transparent screens.
As we move forward with the development of the material we are discovering interesting effects. For instance, we really wanted to have a depth of field onthe projection(who doesn’t?). After much tweaking(this is supposed to be real time!) we came with a non so-expensive solution using HLSL shaders. These are the tests we made.

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Texturing complexity

One of my main interest is the possible bridge between cinematic experiences and complex system(physical simulation). The last months I have been doing sketches for those ideas. Some of them have been already implemented to the on-going projects. The next examples are more personal insights over the topic.

This example uses a series of vertices that are displaced using different numerical filters. The primitives for drawing are lines. Also, I was testing different ways to bind the texture to the vertices using shaders. I am wondering what would happen if I use this idea with FBO to create more complex effects(like depth of field). The original texture is a photo from the beautiful greek island of Kythira.

Same principle but using points as the primitives for drawing. The size of the points makes the cluster extremely dense. I applied a little bit of noise for filtering the vertices position.


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Working today at the studio with Jerome from MCDance using glass projection and hand gestures. Explorations are lovely, finding beauty keeps the research magic and promising…
Some of the motions are actually very poetic, I think we will continue exploring on this direction!

Glass projection experiment # 2 from Emmanuel Flores Elías on Vimeo.

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