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Cinder to touchdesigner # 2

note: I will migrate this blog to my webpage very soon thus having a proper display of the source code.

Next step on having a kind of template for porting OFW/Cinder patches into TD. So, I have the next class called ‘Lines’:

#pragma once
#include “TOP_CPlusPlusBase.h”

class Lines

virtual void draw(int _x1, int _y1, int _x2, int _y2);

int x1,x2,y1,y2;


the body of the class:

#include “Lines.h”

x1 = x2 = y2 = y1 = 0;



void Lines::draw(int _x1, int _y1, int _x2, int _y2){

x1 = _x1;
y1 = _y1;
x2 = _x2;
y2 = _y2;


then i declare a vector on the Parent class:

std::vector mLines;


for(unsigned int i=0;i<amount;i++){
//starting all the lines as 0 value

and the calling the drawing method within the execution loop:


for(unsigned int i=0; i < amount; i++;
int _y1 = rand()% outputFormat->height;
int _x2 = rand()% outputFormat->width;
int _y2 = rand()% outputFormat->height;

mLines[i].draw(_x1, _y1, _x2, _y2);

::glVertex2i(outputFormat -> width, outputFormat->height);

next step might be to implement containers with pointers and shared pointers.

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